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Dawn of the Enlightenment: Variant Home Page

This is the temporary home page of the Dawn of the Enlightenment Diplomacy Variant, my first truly global variant, featuring 15 Powers battling for domination in the year 1701, at the beginning of the Great Northern War and the War of the Spanish Succession.  Several of the Powers have holdings scattered across the world.  There are high seas provinces to aid with movement and hinder stalemate line formation and variable victory criteria, so that even the smallest Powers have a reasonable chance to win. The variant rules and a map key are on the map, along with locations of starting units.

This variant is now in final form and is in the early stages of implementation on the vDiplomacy platform, but comments, suggestions and criticism are still welcome.  You can contact me at zendip18AToptonlineDOTnet if you have any questions.  All rights in this variant are reserved to David E. Cohen. Permission is hereby granted for purely non-commercial use of this variant.  No permission is granted for commercial use of this variant.  Commercial use of this variant is prohibited without the specific prior written consent of David E. Cohen. 

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